Tai Chi at Five Claw Martial Arts

For centuries T'ai Chi has been acknowledged as a way for persons of all ages to build energy and increase agility, strength and balance. Practitioners focus on moving breath and body together in a series of graceful flowing motions.  Despite the meditative feel of the flowing circular movements, T'ai Chi is actually a very effective form of exercise.  First time students almost always express surprise at how such a soft looking motion can feel like such a great workout!

For the martial artist, T'ai Chi practice is invaluable as it builds strong stances, increases balance and strengthens the large muscle groups in the legs and hips. Modern research now recognizes the benefits that Tai Chi practice can bring to practioners of all ages and abilities, not just the martial artist. In addition to reducing stress, anxiety and depression, T'ai Chi increases flexibility, muscle strength and definition. It has shown to be highly effective at decreasing falls in the elderly as it increases balance and overall agility.  Because it is a moderate weight bearing exercise, it is effective at decreasing the rate of bone loss in women after menopause. It can also lower blood pressure and lead to an overall increase in cardio-vascular health.
All of this in a safe, non-impact form of exercise that is fun, feels great, and can be adjusted to meet the needs of any one, regardless of current ability!

Because of the multiple holistic health benefits, many physicians recommend T'ai Chi for people who have fibromyalgia, arthritis, joint problems, auto-immune disorders, respiratory disorders, high blood pressure, or circulation problems. Several of our students with fibromyalgia and arthritis have experienced such a feeling of renewed vitality and strength through Tai Chi that they went on to take Kung Fu classes!

The practice of T'ai chi is a ancient tradition of health, vitality, and wellness. We continue this tradition using motion from a variety of animal forms, but drawing heavily from crane, cobra and tiger motions.

Join us.