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Get A Well Rounded Approach WIth Five Claw Kids Martial Arts

Kids and families have challenging schedules these days and it can be hard to choose the activities that will best serve your family. But at Five Claw Martial Arts, we're working to make that a little bit easier.

Our Kids Martial Arts classes in Tuolumne County are built to help your child succeed in all aspects of their lives. And each program is focused on age specific curriculum that allows progression at their own pace.

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Find The Kids Martial Arts Classes That Works Best For Your Child

We break our Kids Martial Arts program into multiple age groups to offer students age-specific programming that helps them learn skills appropriate to their unique developmental stages. Our classes are adaptable for students of all experience and ability levels. 

Five Claw Kids Martial Arts Classes include:

Tigers (Ages 3-5): Consists of basic of martial arts movements such as stances, punches, kicks, and blocks as well as helping the early development stages at such a young age.

Dragons (Ages 5-7): Focuses on basic mechanics of our traditional martial arts, addressing safety, bully prevention, and skills for self-defense.

Kids Ages (8-12): Consists of traditional martial arts instruction and includes the opportunity to join the elite Black Belt Club Program and Jr. Leadership programs.

Teens (Ages 13-17): Includes a combined discipline of traditional martial arts, weapons training, self-defense, kickboxing, grappling, and aspects of mixed martial arts.

Afterschool: A full-service program that includes pick up from school, homework time, exciting activities and promotes constant character building.

Your Child Will Learn Respect And So Much More With Kids Martial Arts 

Each of our Kids Martial Arts classes features an emphasis on strong character and constant growth. Rooted in the traditional martial arts disciplines are key traits that we aim to instill in your child every day. 

You'll enjoy lessons in:

  • Respect: The structure of the martial arts environment teaches the values of respect and honor. Children are taught to respect each other and their instructors.
  • Self-Esteem: Training in martial arts builds confidence and boosts self-esteem. Our instructors work hard to make all our students feel good. As students gain skills, they develop self-respect.
  • Physical Mental Conditioning: Children gain athletic physical skills at the same time as they learn to increase mental skills such as the ability to focus. Focus and discipline can be hard skills for children to master.

PLUS so much more, like:

  • Discipline
  • Confidence
  • Perseverance
  • Control
  • Self-defense

Sign Up Today For Five Claw Kids Martial Arts

At Five Claw Martial Arts, we are proud to offer children of all backgrounds the opportunity to train with us. To get started today with the best Kids Martial Arts program in Tuolumne County, simply fill out the short form on your screen and a member of our staff will be happy to answer any questions you have! 


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