Friday, June 3rd- Saturday, June 4th

$50 - members
$55 - non-members
*$5 discount if in BBC or bring a friend

Join us for our Luau themed Ninja Night! There will be a BBQ, activities and, much more!

When: Friday, June 3rd - Saturday, June 4th
Time: Drop off- 6:30pm , Pick up- 8am-9am
Price: $50 for members
$55 for non-members
*$5 discount if in BBC or bring a friend

Sign up today!

It's the perfect way to start off the summer!

Saturday, May 21st


Weapons Training Camp will be Saturday, May 21st from 12:30pm-2:30pm.

Cost: $35 for dragons and kids
*$20 for new weapons
*$30 and up for BBC advance weapons
*$5 discount for BBC members

Bring your weapon, water, and some snacks.

Sign up by May 18th!

May 24th-May 27th

$14 for new belt

Kids Test week will be May 24th-27th. Each day has its own belt rank. Due to limited space, we ask kids only attend their test date. However, if they would like to practice before their test date, second mat will be open for test prep.

BBC Members must schedule a test date with Shun Shifu in order to test.

If there is a conflicting event and you are unable to attend the test date, please speak to Shun Shifu about rescheduling.

Test Dates:
Yellow - Tuesday, May 24th
Orange - Wednesday, May 25th
Purple - Thursday, May 26th
Blue and Green - Friday, May 27th

Time: 4:30pm-5:30pm

Are your kids out of School for the summer or the holidays? Do you need somewhere fun for them to go?
See above
Half Day 12pm-3pm, Full Day 8:30am-5:30pm

Half Day : After June 3rd- $60.00/ Pre-enroll before June 4th- $50.00 per week
Full Day: After June 3rd - $75.00/ Pre enroll before June 4th - $65.00 per week

Let them learn and grow with us!

During our special Sports Camps, your child can participate in range of activities including arts and crafts, games, sports and martial arts. We include a variety of fun field trips in each Camp. Our students learn the importance of respect, self-discipline, and the "Yes, I can!" attitude. Under the tutelage of our professional and caring instructors, our students learn mental and physical skills, while having fun. Through martial arts training they experience increased confidence and self-esteem while learning the importance of respect for self and others.
Drop your child off in the morning and pick him/her up in the evening. He will have the time of his/her life, and you will know that he/she is safe with us.

Half Day Camps (M-Th, 12pm-3pm)
*June 6th-9th
*June 20th-23rd
*July 11th-14th
* July 25th-28th
*August 8th-11th
Full Day Camps (Fridays only, 8:30am-5:30pm)
*July 15th
*July 29th
*August 12th