Afterschool Program

An Alternative to daycare!

We provide the transportation.
Kung Fu student saluting at our Sonora Five Claw Martial Arts School
We will pick your child up from school and transport him or her safely to our Quan on our famous Five Claw bus.
We promote Self-esteem.
Children learn self-esteem by studying martial arts and earning belt ranks. This increases their self-confidence and helps them develop a "Yes, I can!" attitude that will carry over into their home, school and sports experience. In martial arts we call this "Black Belt Excellence."
We are an affordable alternative.
Our fees are very affordable compared to most after school programs.

Honor. Discipline. Respect.

We are not a daycare. . . we offer so much more!

Contact us today to find out how much your child can benefit from his or her time out of school
Our Sonora school is home to the only After School Martial Arts Program in Tuolumne County.

This is not a daycare. . . We make Champions.