Five Claw Athletic Center

Martial arts training has some very obvious benefits including situational awareness and the ability to protect yourselves and family.

But what about side effect benefits? We are talking about health, wellness and fitness. Martial arts training benefits your mind and body in the following ways:

TOTAL BODY WORKOUT: martial arts training is a full body engagement workout outside the conventional gym style setting.

HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: exercise in any format encourages healthier lifestyle choices.

SELF CONFIDENCE: martial arts training promotes a better physical appearance and develops a ‘Yes I Can’ mindset that transfers to every day activities and goals.

IMPROVED CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH: martial arts training elevates the heart rate and sustains the elevated heart rate for an extended period of time; thus, improving cardiovascular health and strength.

WEIGHT LOSS: along with cardiovascular health, the sustained heart rate during a martial arts class (approx. 1 hour) encourages fat burning without running on a treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike. One class can burn several hundred calories without the boredom of the average cardio workout.

MUSCLE TONE: the repetition of martial arts training also encourages muscle growth and tone without picking up a single weight.

IMPROVED REFLEXES, FOCUS and MOOD: mental health is a growing concern for many today. Martial arts is a great way to keep yourself mentally sharp and feeling positive and ready to tackle life’s challenges.

If your looking for an alternative way to get or stay in shape or just want to add something to your current fitness plan this is it. Martial arts training is a great way to improve your mind and body while providing you with tools to keep you and your family safe!